Monday, August 21, 2017

Records Request to the City of Prescott re Chamberlain Development, Deep Well and the Crossings at Willow Creek

Please provide copies of the following:

  1. Any records or communications of any kind by, with from, to, between,Chamberlain Development of which Mr. James M Chamberlain is Trustee and Member, and the City of Prescott and/or its agents since January 1,2012.
  2. Such records to include but be not limited to the Deep Well Ranch Development and The Crossings at Willow Creek. See the Declaration of CC&Rs for the Crossings signed by Mr. Chamberlain on August 12,2003 by clicking Crossings CC&Rs signed by James M Chamberlain
  3. To include any reports, studies, presentations on the Deep Well Project by any party including Chamberlain Development and/or the James Family and/or any consultant, agent or the City of Prescott and/or its agents
  4. Minutes and Agendas of any meetings at which Deep Well was discussed
  5. Except for the Crossings, for which we have certain records, any and all records from to, with or by any other governmental agency including but not limited to the Yavapai Country Flood District.
  6. Such records to include those, by, from, to and/or between any agents and/or representatives of the James Family and or Chamberlain Development and/or Mr. Chamberlain and his associates
  7. Records to be defined broadly by standard Arizona Public Records Laws definitions
  8. The response to this request should detail any documents withheld providing a reasonable privilege log and/or explanation citing the exemption, if any, which may apply to any records withheld
  9. Copies of any commentary or communications with any third party, including citizens of Prescott, re the Deep Well Project.

We'd be happy to provide any clarification to assist you in your search. Electronic delivery is much preferred. For paper copies, we would appreciate an indication of the number of pages for cost purposes such that we might revert to simply inspecting certain records only available in paper form.

John Sellers
Tel: 928 310 8220